What to do with all those rocks!

Learning and Playing, in the Garden…

Kids love rocks. I’m not too sure what it is about them, but children are simply fascinated by them. Big ones, small ones, flat ones, smooth ones. Kiddos can collect rocks for hours. So what do you do with all these wonderful rocks?? I’m here to show you creative and fun rock projects for your children.

Rock Animals:

Not only can you paint a rock and make it look like an animal, you can “sculpt” or build animals out of rocks as well.

-Have your kiddos collect different size rocks.

- Next, decide what animal to make out of your kiddos collections. For example, maybe you make a rock frog. After deciding what animal to build, paint the rocks the color you want your animal.

- Using E6000 (an amazing adhesive) glue the painted rocks together to build the rock animal.

- Last, decide where to display your awesome animal rock sculpture.



Rock Plant/Herb labels

– Collect different rocks. the smoother the better for this project. Also, a flat rock works a little easier than a bumpy one.

- Paint the rocks different colors and using different patterns.

- Using a thinner brush, paint the names of the plants or herbs onto the rock.

- Place your labels in your garden!

****A variation to this project is to paint the rocks using chalkboard paint. Then, using different colored chalk, write the names of the herbs and plants. These rock labels are more easily changed in order to reuse based on new plantings in the garden.

Chalkboard paint recipe:

- 1 cup of acrylic paint (color of your choice)

- 2 tbsp of Non Sanded Tile Grout (any hardware store will carry this)

Mix the ingredients together until smooth

Mosaic Rocks:

- Collect some rocks

- Gather items around the house such as broken jewelry, chipped china, mardi gras beads, marbles, beads, etc.

- Break china into smaller pieces by placing in a pillow case and use a hammer to break the china.

- Use liquid nails to glue the items into a pattern on the top of the rock. If your kiddos want to mosaic the entire rock, let the top dry, then continue around the side and on the bottom.

- Place your creations in the garden!


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